My thoughts on the LFC manageral situation and our rivals’ strange transfer targets.

Over the last week Liverpool have been searching for a new manager after sacking Kenny Dalglish. I have to admit that I was hoping Dalglish would be given one more season to prove himself but it’s easy to see why FSG disagreed and wanted a fresh start.

In my opinion the actions of supporter groups like Spirit Of Shankly and others in recent days has been frankly embarrassing. The Liverpool way is to keep things behind closed doors and only announce things when they are ready to be announced, Dalglish himself put it best last season:  “The club’s business is the club’s business and when we have something to tell people, we’ll tell people”. So why are supporter groups demanding to know what is happening in the club’s business? Why are FSG assumed to be another Hicks and Gilette and given no benefit of doubt? FSG turned Boston Red Sox round and turned them back into title winners after 80 years, neither Hicks or Gilette had that sort of thing on their CV, why can’t we give FSG time to do it in our sport too.

As for the position I’ll now give my opinion on who I think is most likely out of the three most likely possiblities:

Personally I’m leaning towards the newest person in the frame: Fabio Capello. I’ve seen people question why he is in the frame and not Rafael Benitez given his age. My opinion is that Rafa is not being considered and Fabio may because of the system of hierarchy that FSG want to bring in. Rafa has said that he doesn’t want to work in a continental system again after his Inter disaster, so he would not like to work in the FSG system. Fabio meanwhile throughout his club management career has only known this type of system while in Italy and with Real Madrid so Liverpool would likely be the perfect Premier League football team for him. As for his age it might be that FSG have identified someone in the club structure either playing (Carragher most likely) or in the backroom staff (Clarke or Seguda) to take over in a few years, bringing back a bootroom like system of the past.

If that is the case it may be that Martinez or Andre Villas Boas will need to prove themselves a better shortterm option than Fabio and a better longterm option than the people already within the job. For that reason I am thinking if Fabio is interested and FSG are interested in him he may be the favourite.



Now I want to quickly look at the transfer policies of some of our rivals, as I find them rather strange at the moment which could be good for LFC.

Firstly Arsenal: They’ve signed another striker in Podolski, I doubt he would move to be a backup at this stage of his career, so either he is bought to play alongside RVP and totally change Arsenal’s system of play or he’s a replacement for RVP, either way I think the transfer hurts Arsenal. Their other main target seems to be M’Vila, with Wilshere being fit next season it means their usual 3-man midfield would be Wilshere, Arteta and Song. Wilshere along with RVP is one of their best players, Arteta had a great season (Arsenal never lost with him playing), and Alex Song is their unsung hero (like Lucas at Liverpool) so it’s difficult to see how he fits in, I can’t see with their wage structure that they’d pay a player £60,000 a week to sit on the bench. Surely it’s money better spent on fullbacks and strengthening squad depth with players who aren’t going to expect immediate first team football?

Also Chelsea: Signed Marin and apparently in for Hazard. They already have Mata and Sturridge in those positions and are ageing in other areas like midfield (Lampard) and defence (Terry), also not got great strength in depth in the fullback areas.

And Man Utd: Are they really looking to blow the majority of their budget on a player they already have Valencia, Nani in that area, but really need to strengthen their central midfield options.


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